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Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk offers an exhilarating downhill bike racing experience like no other. Developed with unique features and breathtaking graphics, this game will leave a lasting impression on every player. Navigate through stunning valleys, smashing over small and massive rocks, and conquering roots of ancient trees. Push your limits and set records for the longest airtime as you perform daring stunts and combos with your bike. The more you score, the more bikes you unlock, so demand the title of King of the Mountain and fight for your right to claim it. This game is a thrilling rollercoaster ride of action and excitement, making it a must-play for all bike racing game enthusiasts.

For those who are always mindful of time, timed races offer an exciting challenge. Set a race time limit and strive to cross the finishing line before time runs out. If you prefer a more relaxed approach without time constraints, switch to freestyle trick events. Explore a variety of 20 mountains and over 100 trails, each inspired by real-world locations. Earn rewards and purchase upgrades from the store to enhance your character’s appearance and boost your bike’s strength, speed, agility, and energy for navigating the trails.

Download Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing APK

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing APK

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Key Features of Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk:

  1. Vast Selection of Mountain Trails: Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk offers an extensive collection of over 100 different mountain trails, ensuring you have the opportunity to ride through various landscapes and terrains.
  2. Numerous Gears for Customization: Customize your rider and bike with over 80 different gears, making your bike stronger and your rider more stylish.
  3. Upgrade Frames and Wheels: Enhance your bike’s performance by upgrading its frames and wheels, giving you an advantage to secure victories.
  4. Realistic Physics: Experience the impact of real physics on your character and bike, affecting the bike suspension and the potential consequences of rough landings.
  5. Perform Amazing Flips: Execute breathtaking flips in the air after jumps, showcasing your skills and earning extra points.
  6. Online Leaderboard: Compete with players globally through the online leaderboard, fueling the spirit of competition and making the game even more addictive.
  7. Wide Selection of Powerful Bikes: Choose from various powerful bikes, each with its own unique abilities, giving you diverse options for conquering the trails.


Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk is an outstanding mountain bike racing game that immerses players in the exciting world of downhill racing. With its stunning visuals, realistic physics, and diverse selection of trails and bikes, the game offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Perform daring stunts, race against the clock, and challenge your friends to beat your scores. Whether you are a bike racing enthusiast or just a casual gamer, Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Apk guarantees hours of thrilling and action-packed entertainment.

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