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CC Play Apk is a premium app store that offers an extensive collection of free apps and games, including working mod apps. This app store provides a unique feature where all gaming apps have video gameplay, allowing users to understand the type of game and its functions before downloading. Unlike other mod app installations that usually require a rooted mobile device, CC Play mod apps can be easily installed even on non-rooted devices.

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Key Features of CC Play 

  1. Vast Database: CC Play App boasts a massive database of free apps and games. Users can access a wide variety of apps, including paid and mod versions, all without any cost. This app store serves as a one-stop destination for all your app needs.
  2. Watch Gameplay: With CC Play Apk, you can watch gameplay videos of all the apps available. Additionally, the app provides screenshots to help users gain insights into the app’s functionalities. Users can also share their own gameplay after signing up for free.
  3. Popular Apps and Games: CC Play Apk features a list of the top 20 apps in all categories, making it easy for users to discover popular and latest apps. You can access weekly and monthly top downloaded app lists with just one click.
  4. Download Paid Apps for Free: This app store allows users to download paid and premium apps without any charges. All apps available on CC Play Apk are fully functional and provide unlocked features.
  5. File Manager: CC Play Apk offers a comprehensive file manager tool that allows users to manage files efficiently. From deleting cache and cookies to boosting RAM for faster performance, this app provides various file management functionalities.
  6. English Mode: While CC Play Apk is primarily in the Chinese language, English-speaking users can easily switch the default language to English, enabling them to navigate the app with ease.
  7. Mod Apps: CC Play App excels in providing a vast list of mod apps. Users can effortlessly find both normal and modded versions of apps in this play store. All mod apps available on CC Play Apk are safe to download and use.


CC Play Apk is a versatile app store available in both Chinese and English languages. It offers a wide range of mod and normal apps, making it a go-to platform for downloading various Android applications. With CC Play Apk, you can access apps that might be restricted or banned in certain countries without the need for rooting your device. Download CC Play Apk now and explore a world of paid and modded Android apps for free.

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