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Dazz Cam APK is an exceptional image and video editor, offering a wide range of realistic and breathtaking photography features. With the rise of social media and the desire to enhance our photos, Dazz Cam stands out as an excellent app for editing and creating stunning visual content. Whether you want to add cool effects to your images or craft captivating boomerang videos, Dazz Cam has got you covered.

What is Dazz Cam?

Developed by KITE GAMES STUDIO, Dazz Cam Apk is a retro photo and video editing app specifically designed for Android users. It empowers users to edit their pictures and videos in a retro style, utilizing the built-in VHS camera. With a plethora of cool effects and filters, Dazz Cam emerges as the ultimate pocket image editing app.

Download Dazz Cam APK

Dazz Cam APK

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Features of Dazz Cam Apk:

  • Safe and Effective: Dazz Cam Apk is highly efficient and guarantees a safe editing experience. Users can use the app without worrying about privacy and security concerns.
  • Cool Effects: Dazz Cam incorporates a boomerang and vintage camera, enabling users to create awesome boomerang videos and capture photos with classy vintage filters.
  • Latest D3D Technology: The app harnesses the latest D3D technology, ensuring effective editing for both photos and videos, resulting in visually captivating creations.
  • Retro VHS Cam: With a Retro VHS camera effect, Dazz Cam brings professional-level editing to Android devices, delivering a vintage charm to your visuals.
  • Wide Variety of Effects and Filters: Dazz Cam offers over 100 effects and filters, allowing users to apply various looks to their videos and photos with ease.
  • Direct Sharing: Users can conveniently share their editing projects directly to social networking sites, facilitating seamless sharing with their friends and followers.
  • Animated Features: Dazz Cam provides an option to add animated effects, enhancing the visual appeal of edited content.
  • Facial Recognition and Timers: The app includes facial recognition for capturing selfies with focused precision. Additionally, the built-in timer enables hands-free photo capturing.
  • Free of Cost: All features of Dazz Cam are available for free, without any paid subscriptions or premium in-app purchases required.


In conclusion, Dazz Cam Apk is an exceptional vintage video and photo editor for Android devices. Its safety, user-friendliness, and wide array of cool effects and filters make it the best pocket editing app available. Users can edit and capture vintage charm with ease, making Dazz Cam a must-have for photo and video enthusiasts. Download the app now and immerse yourself in the world of captivating visual creations.

Please note that while using Dazz Cam for editing and sharing, users should adhere to appropriate guidelines and ensure responsible usage of the app’s features.

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