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Nulls Rush APK is an exciting online multiplayer strategy game that shares similarities with Clash of Clans, both being developed by Supercell. Offering casual yet competitive gameplay, Null’s Rush keeps players engaged and challenged as they progress through ranks, facing more intense and exhausting competition. Although the visuals are not high-end, the gameplay itself is captivating and eye-catching.

Overview of Nulls Rush

Nulls Rush APK comes in a compact package, with a game size of just 100 MB, offering players a delightful arcade experience with a plethora of exciting features and characters to explore. In this game, you aim to win wars and collect gold coins to construct a lab. With the lab, you can unlock and build various troops and commanders to enhance your forces.

To upgrade your headquarters, you’ll need HQ points, which you can acquire by consistently winning games. At the start of Null’s Rush, you’ll encounter a chopper that serves to transport you to other maps’ locations, allowing you to attack opponent bases and loot their gold.

Nulls Rush APK is a real-time PvP online game, where players can deploy up to 6 units of troops at the first stage. As you earn gold coins and experience points, you can increase your troop size, recruit more commanders, and acquire defense cards.

Download Nulls Rush APK

Nulls Rush APK

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Features of Nulls Rush Apk

Let’s take a closer look at the notable features of Null’s Rush Apk:

1. Diverse Characters: With up to 40 diverse characters, Null’s Rush offers a wide range of options for players to choose from. Raid enemy bases with new and unique maps, making each gaming session different and engaging.

2. Fast-Paced Gameplay: Null’s Rush is a fast-paced multiplayer game that revolves around raiding enemy bases and completely eradicating them. Collect gold from their mines and add it to your own base to strengthen your position. As you earn XP, you can upgrade your chopper and base, allowing you to recruit more troops.

3. Weapons and Defenses: Null’s Rush features around 15-20 spells that function as defenses for your base and can be used for attacking enemy bases. These spells include Arcade, Boost, Heal, Fridge, Invisibility, Paratroopers, Satellite, Bomb, Box ninja, Cluster cake, Cannon, Dummy, Freeze mines, Gatling, Mortar, Mines, Plasma gun, Plumber Hole, Rocket traps, Tesla, Walls, and more.

4. Red Barrel Explosions: Keep an eye out for highly explosive red barrels on the battlefield. These barrels explode when hit, dealing damage to nearby enemies and providing you with a tactical advantage.

5. Troops and Commanders: Null’s Rush offers a total of 47 types of troops, ranging from common to extremely rare. Upgrade and unlock them using the gold you’ve looted from successful wars. Commanders play a crucial role with more strength and healing power compared to regular troops. Choose from characters like Troopers Pitchers, Shield, Tank, Bazooka, Hotshots, Jetpacks, Gorilla, Lazer, Plumber van, Rocket truck, Sneaky Ninja, Boxer, Helipad, Henchman, Blaze, Kung Fu, Bear man, Coach, Lady grenade, Mother, and B.I.G.

6. High-end Graphics: Although Null’s Rush boasts cartoonish-style graphics, its levels, characters, and engaging online battles with enemies make up for any visual drawbacks. Various maps and areas, such as Megacity and Area 54, provide exciting gameplay experiences.


Nulls Rush APK is a power-packed arcade game that combines strategic planning and action in a real-time PvP gaming mode. Fans of games like Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, or Boom Beach will find an enjoyable experience within Null’s Rush. Download the game for free and immerse yourself in an adrenaline-pumping gaming rush with Nulls Rush Apk.

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