Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code Latest 2023

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Garena Free Fire has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide with its thrilling gameplay and unique features. The Free Fire Advance Server is a platform that allows players to test upcoming features before they are officially released. To access this server, an activation code is required. In this article, we will delve into the process of obtaining a Free Fire Advance Server activation code and how to make the most of this opportunity.

Understanding Free Fire Advance Server

What is the Free Fire Advance Server?

The Free Fire Advance Server is a platform created by Garena for players to get a sneak peek at upcoming features and changes in the game. It allows users to test new content and provide feedback before these updates are rolled out to the wider player base.

The Importance of Activation Codes

To access the Free Fire Advance Server, players need an activation code. This code serves as an entry pass, ensuring that only dedicated and interested players can participate in testing and provide valuable input.

Overview: FF Advance Server activation code

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Game name Garena free fire
Ff advanced server name OB41
Advance server open 2nd week of July 2023(Expected)
Advance server close 3rd week of July 2023 (Expected)
Status Available{LIVE}
Rewards Up to 3000 diamonds, Weapons. Skins, Pets
Homepage AndroidMen
Official site


List of all free-fire Advance Servers

  • Indonesia Server
  • India server
  • Europe server
  • Brazil server
  • Bangladesh server
  • Taiwan Server
  • Middle East Server
  • Vietnam server
  • Mexico Sever (Free Fire-Latam)
  • Malaysia server
  • Thailand server
  • Pakistan

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

Free fire ADVANCE SERVER Activation Code for Login (Used)

Here are some of the Free fire advanced server activation codes for you. We will update the list once we get any code from somewhere.

  • TT2GXJ2CY3Y9YK69
  • 9673474Z7F3D479G
  • PPR9X8U785Q7N4X3
  • 2WKG85659ZV3HH6M

Free Fire Advance Server Rewards

Free Fire Garena Company launched the free fire advance server game, which provides many benefits for the players. The players will get the opportunity to Royal battle. The Free Fire advance rings

Free Fire Advance Server

Grand Prize: Based on their contributions

  • Main Contributor (1 Person): 3000 Diamonds
  • Main Contributor (2 People): 2000 Diamonds
  • Main Contributor (3 People): 1000 Diamonds
Free fire redeem codes (To buy in-game items of free fire)

Here you will get the list of free fire to redeem codes to buy various in-game items in the free fire game.

  • FFM8SM95MEP1 – New
  • FF4FWPN37UB4 – New
  • FF61EUOUH64P – New
  • FFW1A0V6AEH9
  • FF1K6S5DJOW5
  • FF01VG99QYUY
  • FFR7Z78L5AX6
  • FFCHOKNM8909
  • FFEEG321E2UF
  • FFYQC7142DI5
  • FF4IZX6E2TI3
  • FF3VN327VV2I
  • FFPFQ57O054Z
  • FF4YZ5K4P0S8
  • FF0A09ENOFF1
  • FF9PWU9I7HB1
  • FFS22R4W4QXX
  • FFE10W290P0B
  • FF1F0874JJSF
  • FF9YQUK03OZ9
  • FFUW0Q00R72V
  • FF40IGP3SNQ3
  • FFG01S2DLX4T

Obtaining an Activation Code

Official Garena Channels

Garena typically distributes activation codes through its official social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Following these channels and staying alert to announcements is a reliable way to secure a code.

In-Game Events and Promotions

Garena often includes activation codes as rewards in in-game events and promotions. Participating in these events and staying engaged with the game can increase your chances of receiving a code.

Community Giveaways and Contests

Free Fire communities, fan pages, and content creators sometimes host giveaways and contests where activation codes are among the prizes. Participating in these activities can provide alternative routes to obtaining a code.

Activating the Code and Accessing the Server

Applying the Activation Code

Once you have an activation code, you need to input it within the designated section in the game. This code will grant you access to the Free Fire Advance Server for the testing phase.

Exploring New Features on the Advance Server

Upon entering the Free Fire Advance Server, you’ll have the opportunity to explore upcoming features, characters, weapons, and gameplay changes before they are officially released. This experience allows you to provide valuable feedback to the developers.

Making the Most of the Advance Server

Providing Feedback

Garena values the insights of players participating in the Advance Server. Share your thoughts, suggestions, and critiques to help shape the final version of the updates.

Reporting Bugs and Issues

As a tester, you play a crucial role in identifying bugs and glitches. Report any issues you encounter during your testing to contribute to the game’s overall improvement.

Testing New Gameplay Elements

Experiment with new gameplay elements and features extensively. Testing different scenarios helps the developers refine and enhance the gaming experience.

Tips and Etiquette for Advance Server Testing

Respect the Testing Environment

Understand that the Advance Server is a testing ground, and not all features may function perfectly. Approach it with a patient and understanding mindset.

Collaborate with Fellow Testers

Engage with other testers in a constructive manner. Sharing insights and collaborating can lead to a richer testing experience.

Stay Updated and Participate Actively

Stay informed about update schedules and actively participate in testing when new features are introduced. Your input during these crucial phases is highly valuable.


Acquiring a Free Fire Advance Server activation code opens up an exciting opportunity to explore upcoming features and contribute to the game’s development. By following official Garena channels, participating in in-game events, and engaging with the Free Fire community, you can increase your chances of obtaining a code. Once you’re in, make the most of the experience by providing feedback, reporting issues, and thoroughly testing new elements. Your involvement as a tester helps shape the future of Free Fire and contributes to the enjoyment of players worldwide.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the Free Fire Advance Server? The Free Fire Advance Server is a platform where players can test upcoming features and changes in the game before they are officially released.
  2. How can I obtain an activation code for the Advance Server? Activation codes are often distributed through official Garena channels, in-game events, and community giveaways.
  3. What should I do with the activation code? Input the activation code within the game to gain access to the Free Fire Advance Server.
  4. Why is testing new features important on the Advance Server? Testing helps identify bugs, provide feedback, and refine upcoming features before their official release.
  5. Can I report bugs and issues I encounter on the Advance Server? Yes, reporting bugs and issues is encouraged as it contributes to improving the game’s overall quality.

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