Download Free Fire Lite APK + OBB 1.99.1 (180 MB) for Android

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Do you wish to play Free Fire without worrying about data usage? The Free Fire Lite APK + OBB for Android must then be downloaded! You may enjoy all the excitement in this version of the game without worrying about your data use because it is made expressly to be lightweight and consume less bandwidth.

Are you looking for a means to get the Free Fire Lite APK and install it on your Android device? Here is a short and simple tutorial on how to accomplish it!

Download Free Fire Lite APK

Free Fire Lite

 App Name Free Fire Lite
 Genre Action
 Size 180 MB
 Latest Version 1.99.1
 Get it On Google Play

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The popular Android battle royale game Free Fire has a smaller variant called Free Fire Lite APK. It is more accessible to a larger variety of consumers because this version is made for devices with less powerful specifications. The primary gameplay and elements that made the first game so well-liked are still present. Therefore, Free Fire Lite is certainly worth checking out if you’re searching for a little scaled-down but still action-packed battle royale experience.

The Free Fire Lite APK’s features

The free-fire battlegrounds and the light edition of the game both have nearly identical features. The main distinction is that free fire light has less powerful graphics and supports fewer devices. Apart from this, the gameplay in both games is quite identical. The following characteristics are present in both games:

  • Smooth and realistic visuals
  • 10-minute fights with tactical gaming options for both solo and team play
  • voice chat in-game

How to install Free Fire Lite on an Android device?

On an Android smartphone, Free Fire Lite may be installed in two different methods. The Free Fire Lite APK and OBB files may be downloaded from a third-party website in the first step, and the Google Play Store in the second.

How to get free fire light apk and OBB download

You must ensure that the website is reliable and that the Free Fire Lite APK and OBB files are secure to download if you decide to download them from a third-party website. After downloading both files, you must first install the APK file. After the installation is finished, you must extract the OBB file and copy it to the Free Fire Lite APK folder on your device’s ‘OBB’ folder.

How to access the Google Play Store’s free fire lite 

If you decide to download and install Free Fire Lite from the Google Play Store, you won’t need to download any extra files. Install the game by simply looking for “Free Fire Lite” there. Simply launch it after installation to begin playing.

Playthrough and visuals

The game is built with a freemium pricing scheme, allowing players to spend real money on in-game items. Both Android and iOS smartphones may download the games. The game is well-known for its exhilarating gameplay, amazing visuals, and compelling plot. Android action games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile are additional titles you’ll like.

The top characters in Free Fire Lite for Android

Garena Free Fire Lite offers a tonne of fantastic character possibilities, but not all of them are made equal. We’ll go through some of the top characters you can play in the game to put yourself ahead of the pack in this guide.

Even while there are many possibilities available, only a select few characters in Free Fire Lite actually stand out as essential members of your squad. Let’s review a few of the greatest.

Kelly is the first person on our list. Players that want to do a lot of damage but don’t want to give up a lot of speed or mobility can consider Kelly. She possesses two extremely potent abilities: the first, the “Sprint” ability, which temporarily increases her speed; and the second, the “Gun Damage” ability, which increases her damage when she uses a gun.

Hayato is yet another fantastic character. Hayato is focused on defense, and his ‘Armour’ ability reduces the amount of damage he takes from all sources other than headshots. Additionally, he has a skill called “Melee Damage” that increases the damage of his melee attacks.

Clara is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a character who excels at both offense and defense. Her “Healing” skill enables her to heal both herself and her teammates, while her “Shield” ability affords momentary defense against incoming harm.

These are just a few of the top characters in Free Fire Lite that you may play as; experiment with different pairings to determine which one suits you and your squad the most.

Best weapons to use in Android’s Free Fire Lite

Each of the many weapons available in the Android game Free Fire Lite has perks and cons of its own. You can maximize your battles by using the weapons we’ll go through in this tutorial as some of the greatest to employ in the game.

The versatile class of weapons known as assault rifles can be utilised both at long and close ranges with success. They usually have good magazine sizes and high firing rates, which makes them excellent for swiftly knocking out a number of targets. They are frequently regarded as the greatest all-around type of weapon in Free Fire Lite because of these factors.

Assault Weapons

The AKM, M416 SCAR-L, and G36C are some of the top assault guns to employ in Free Fire Lite. These weapons are all excellent for taking down foes rapidly since they all have great damage output, good rates of fire, and big magazine capacities.

Sniper rifles are an excellent option if you’re seeking a weapon class that is more precision-based. Sniper rifles are perfect for killing foes at a distance since they do a lot of damage with each shot. You will need to make every shot count because they often have very low firing rates and tiny magazine capacity.

Sniper Weapons

In Free Fire Lite, sniper rifles like the AWM, M24, Kar98K, and Win94 are some of the better options. These weapons are all excellent for taking out opponents at a distance since they all have high damage-per-shot rates and decent muzzle velocity.

Automatic Weapon

Submachine guns are a solid option for close-quarters combat. Submachine guns are useful for swiftly dispatching several targets at close range since they often have high rates of fire and tiny magazine capacities. They often provide less damage than other weapon types like assault rifles and sniper rifles, though.

The MP5K, Uzi, PP-19 Bizon, and MPX are some of the top submachine guns to use in Free Fire Lite. Each of these firearms has a rapid rate of fire and a compact magazine.

How can I increase my Free Fire Lite’s diamond supply on Android?

It’s difficult to obtain limitless diamonds in Free Fire Lite, but there are a few ways to increase the number of diamonds in your account. The following advice may be useful to you:

  • The daily missions that are assigned to you must be completed in order to earn extra diamonds. These missions frequently entail objectives like defeating a predetermined number of foes or winning a predetermined number of games. You will receive a tiny quantity of diamonds as payment for completing the task.
  • Participating in sporadic events is another option to increase your diamond supply. Players who attain particular milestones during these occasions typically receive incentives. For instance, there may be a contest where the winner receives 100 gems and is the first person to kill 100 adversaries.
  • Additionally, you may use real money to purchase diamonds from the in-game shop. This should only be used as a last option though because it is rather pricey and not worthwhile if you are not careful with your money.

How can I win the Free Fire Lite Android app?

Remember that Garena Free Fire is a light version of the battle royale game with smaller areas before we get started. Therefore, the advice provided below may or may not be valuable to you while you play the full version of Free Fire on your smartphone.

In light of the foregoing, the following are some strategies for succeeding in Garena Free Fire Lite for Android:

  • Finding a safe location is the most important thing you can do. Since there are minimal odds of getting into a conflict in these places, we advise you to land far from the safe zone.
  • Start your search for weaponry and first aid supplies after you have landed. Keep an eye out for the supply boxes because they appear randomly on the map.
  • Going solo is never a good idea; playing as a team ensures that you have a backup in case something goes wrong.
  • Utilize the cover and avoid exposing yourself too much because doing so will make you a target for opposing players.
  • Pay close attention to the mini-map since it will show you where the safe zone and the hostile players are located.


We may infer from the foregoing that Garena’s free fire is one of the most popular games worldwide. And given how much fun the game is, it’s hardly surprising. However, it’s not simply a matter of fun; it’s also a matter of survival and strategy. So we strongly suggest downloading Free Fire Lite APK if you’re seeking for a fun game to play.

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