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Join us as we explore the world of Lucid Dream Remake. Imagine having access to an Android mobile game that allows you to design and build your own ideal world. Now, this wish has come true! All Android users may download the apk version of Lucid Dream Remake to discover the almost limitless potential of a lucid dream experience. This contemporary interpretation of dreaming is likely to enthrall any Android user searching for a distinctive gaming experience with its huge 3D universe, configurable characters, and engrossing plot.

Download Lucid Dream Remake APK

Lucid Dream Remake

 App Name Lucid Dream Remake
 Genre Role Playing
 Size 219 MB
 Latest Version 2.0.1

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What is the APK for Lucid Dream?

You may explore a fully realized dreamscape in the interactive role-playing game Lucid Dream Remake APK. By creating and customizing characters that represent their individual styles, players may express their creativity! There are several ways to get the ideal look, from facial characteristics to hairstyles. Their character’s attire, haircut, and facial traits are all customizable. You may choose how far you wish to explore the three-dimensional universe in which the game is situated.

In Lucid Dream Remake, you may go on a fascinating journey through a dangerous and mysterious universe. Discover insights from enigmatic NPCs that might further your adventure by interacting with them. Explore your environment and gather cash and treasures as prizes for missions completed. Whatever great findings you uncover may be used to buy improvements or helpful products!

What distinguishes Lucid Dream Remake?

This game is special in that it gives you the freedom to explore your dream world unrestrictedly, like never before! You are allowed to develop any characters, settings, and narratives you can think of. Additionally, it provides a singular experience that is unavailable in other mobile games. You will discover fresh mysteries and discover previously unexplored locations as you go through the game.

Overall, Lucid Dream Remake is a fun and original method for Android users of all ages to explore their dream world. This game is certain to provide players a one-of-a-kind experience that they won’t forget thanks to its intriguing plot, tamable characters, and vast setting!

Games’ visuals

Beautiful visuals in Lucid Dream Remake genuinely bring the dream realm to life. A top-notch engine powers the game, delivering fluid and clear images. Players may explore the scene in a lively mood since it is completely produced in three dimensions with dynamic lighting and well-detailed textures. Each person, animal, and item has been painstakingly created to produce a genuinely captivating dreamscape.


An immersive and interesting gameplay experience is provided by Lucid Dream Remake. The world is open to players’ exploration as they engage with NPCs and look for hidden objects. Turn-based combat lets players tactically beat enemies by planning their movements. Characters may also be customized in a wide variety of ways, giving users the chance to add special accessories and advancements to their dream world.

Gaming Audio

As amazing as the images are in Lucid Dream Remake, so too is the soundtrack. The game has distinctive music that perfectly captures the ethereal ambiance and heightens the sense of immersion. Additionally, sound effects have been added, such as footsteps and other surrounding noises, to further enhance the realism of the experience.

Key characteristics

  • individual characters.
  • engrossing narrative.
  • planet in three dimensions that is really large.
  • a fighting system based on turns.
  • unique sound effects and music.
  • the use of dynamic lighting and fine texturing.


Any Android user seeking a compelling and immersive gaming experience must own Lucid Dream Remake. This game vividly recreates the dream world with its customizable characters, large area, and turn-based battle system. It’s certainly worth checking out Lucid Dream Remake if you’re seeking something fresh and original.

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