Stick War Legacy MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Stick War Legacy MOD APK– Stick War: Legacy is an exciting strategy game available for Android devices. In this game, players are tasked with mining gold, creating armies, defending their statues, and attacking enemy forces. It offers a range of features that keep players engaged for hours. If you’re interested in learning more about the Stick War: Legacy Mod Apk, take a few minutes to read this article.

Stick War: Legacy Overview

Stick War Legacy Mod APK is a strategy game that puts players on the battlefield, where they must lead stick figure armies and engage in intense battles against various enemies. The main objective is to defend your own statue while attacking and destroying the enemy’s statue. To achieve this, players must build units such as Miners, Swordwraths, Archidons, Speartons, Magikills, and Giants. Miners collect gold, which can be used to create additional units for defense and offense. Victory is achieved by successfully destroying the enemy’s statue.

Download Stick War Legacy MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Stick War: Legacy MOD APK

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  1. Game Modes: Stick War Legacy Mod APK offers four different game modes: Classic Campaign Mode, Missions Weekly Levels, Tournament Mode, and Endless Deads Mode. Each mode provides unique and exciting gameplay experiences.
  2. Skins for Characters: The game features a variety of characters that players can include in their armies. Skins are now available for all these characters, allowing players to upgrade their appearance and increase their strength and power. In the Modded version of the game, players have unlimited money, eliminating the need to spend time upgrading skins.
  3. Weekly Updates: The Missions Mode is updated weekly, providing players with new levels to tackle each week. These levels are designed to be challenging, requiring players to employ their best strategies to defeat enemies and succeed.
  4. Challenging Levels: Stick War: Legacy offers different difficulty levels for players to choose from, including Normal, Hard, and Insane. Players can select the level that suits their skills and preferences, strategize accordingly, and strive to conquer their opponents.
  5. Multiplayer: The game includes a Tournament Mode, allowing players to compete against opponents from around the world. In this mode, two players engage in battle, constructing their armies and aiming to destroy the opposing team’s statue.


Stick War Legacy Mod APK provides engaging gameplay that revolves around strategic planning for survival and defeating enemy teams or zombies in the Endless Deads mode. Success in the game relies on effectively using gold to create diverse units for the army. Miners collect gold, while other units defend and attack enemies. The ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy’s statue to secure victory.

Installing Steps

To install Stick War Legacy Mod APK on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Unknown Sources: To install Stick War: Legacy, you must allow installations from unknown sources on your Android device. Go to Settings, then open Security Settings. Look for the Unknown Sources option and enable it if it’s not already enabled.
  2. Download and Install the Mod APK: Download the Stick War: Legacy Mod Apk file and wait for the download to complete. Once downloaded, locate the file using a File Manager app. Tap on the file to initiate the installation process. Follow the prompts and wait for the game to install.
  3. Play the Game: After the installation is complete, open the Stick War: Legacy game and start playing.


Stick War Legacy Mod APK is an addictive strategy game available for Android devices. Download the Mod APK and follow the provided instructions to install it on your device. The game challenges players’ battle and strategy-making skills, requiring effective unit balancing and tactical decision-making. Additionally, the multiplayer mode allows for competitive play against real-time opponents. Get the game today and start enjoying the exciting gameplay it offers.

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