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WVM is a role-playing game where players make choices in different tempting situations. It has earned a place among the best role-playing games. In the game, you play as a talented basketball player entering college after high school. To become a basketball star, you must work hard and stay focused. However, you face challenges controlling your hormones around attractive women. The game gives you the choice to either let the character get distracted or remain dedicated to your passion. Read on to learn more about the game.

About WVM: WVM is a role-playing game where you play as a young boy in his final year of high school. He is a talented player about to join a college with a weak basketball team, called WVM. The character is surrounded by his beautiful mother, girlfriend, and best friend, which makes it difficult to stay focused due to raging hormones.

The game revolves around dealing with temptations while striving to become a successful basketball player. Alongside the three main female characters, you will encounter various other characters throughout the game. Many of them will try to distract you, and it’s up to you whether you let your emotions guide you or remain dedicated to your profession. The game allows players to shape the story’s path and outcome through their decisions.

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  1. Engaging Gameplay: The game offers an engaging storyline and presents players with tempting situations like “Another Girl in the Wall.” It’s up to the players to decide how to respond and what actions to take.
  2. Beautiful Characters: You will meet several beautiful characters in the game, including your mother, girlfriend, and best friend. Additionally, you can build close relationships with other characters of your choice.
  3. Variety of Tasks: The game includes various tasks and side quests to keep players engaged. Completing these tasks will progress the story. Players have control over how their character performs these tasks.
  4. Graphics: WVM features high-quality graphics that enhance the visual appeal of the game. It includes animated scenes that add excitement and detail to the gameplay.
  5. Choose Your Story: The game allows players to shape the story by making choices for dialogues and actions at different points. Your decisions will determine the outcome of the game’s story.

To install the WVM APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources: Since the game is not available on the Play Store, you need to enable installation from Unknown Sources. Go to your device’s Security settings and enable it.

Step 2: Download and Install the APK: Download the WVM APK file and wait for it to complete. Locate the file in your File Manager app and tap on it. Select the Install option to begin the installation process.


  1. What is WVM? WVM is a role-playing game where players control a promising basketball player and face various tempting situations.
  2. Is WVM available on the Play Store? No, the game is not available on the Play Store or App Store. You can download it safely from this website.
  3. Can WVM be installed on Android? Yes, you can download the latest version of the WVM game from this website and install it on your Android device.


In conclusion, WVM is an entertaining role-playing game with an engaging storyline and addictive gameplay. It presents challenging situations and allows players to make choices that shape the outcome. With its exciting elements and captivating scenarios, the game will keep you entertained for hours. Download WVM and see if you can help the character become a basketball star.

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